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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England

Conecut® high speed steel sheet and tube drills

The most versatile hole-cutting tool for rapid drilling and enlarging holes in thin materials up to 14 gauge.

Designed for industrial applications, the diameter of the hole increases as the CONECUT® is advanced into the material, providing infinitely variable sizes.

For use in sheet steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Formica and plywood.

For imperial/metric, unless otherwise specified, Conecut® with a steam tempered blue surface treatment, which is advantageous in many applications will be supplied. However, should it be required, all imperial/metric tools can be supplied with bright ground finish on body and paint.

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Standard Stock RangeThe most comprehensive range of Drills for all applications. Below is listed our current standard stock range - please enquire for other sizes. When drilling metals always use cutting compound - available in 30cc, 60cc and 1/2 kilo sizes.

Part Codes and Sizes for the Conecut Standard Range

Single Hole SizeFor drilling holes of one diameter

Part Codes and Sizes for Single Hole Conecut Drills

Trepanning ActionVariable sizes of larger diameters can be drilled without the need for a pre-drilled hole, with a smooth multi-flute action ensuring clean round holes. For drilling or enlarging holes in ferrous and non-ferrous material up to 1/8" thick.

Part numbers and sizes for trepanning Conecut Drills

Conecut Cutting CompoundHelps maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge. Lubricity reduces torque and prevents undesirable material build up on the tool. Suitable for other metal cutting operations - thread cutting, normal drilling.


Part numbers and sizes for Cutting Compound

  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Shopfitting Installations Etc.
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Control Panels
  • Sheet Metalwork Etc.
  • Maintenance