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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England

PB50 Pivot Magnet

The new Powerbor PB50 Pivot Magnet is our latest machine, with the potential to transform how you work on site.

This powerful magnetic drill is specifically designed for drilling pipes and curved surfaces, with permanent magnet, tapping capability and the flexibility to use with twist drill bits and annular cutters.

  • Maintains strong grip on curved steel and pipework down to 1/8" material thickness
  • Can also be used for standard flat surface drilling
  • Twist drill, threading and countersinking capability
  • Permanent magnet technology - magnet does not require electrical power
  • Cutting diameter and depth of cut to 2" - 3/4" with 2MT twist drill
  • 1500W motor with variable, 6 speed setting
  • Countersink to 1 3/16"

12 months comprehensive warranty as standard
See User Manual for complete specification

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Maximum hole cutting capacity in .2/.3C steel = 2”dia. x 2” deep
Arbor bore = MT2

Motor Unit
Voltages 120V 50-60hz
Normal full load 14A
No Load RPM Low Gear: 100-265RPM High Gear: 200-500RPM
Size 10 -7/8” long
7-1/2” wide
Holding Force at 20°C with 25mm minimum plate thickness
The use on any material less than 25mm thick will progressively reduce the magnetic performance. If possible, substitute material should be positioned under the magnet and work piece to equate to a suitable material thickness. If this is not possible, an alternative secure method of restraining the machine must be used.
1896 lbs
Overall Dimensions
Height - minimum 19- 5/16”
Height - maximum extended 25- 3/16”
Width 7- ½”
Length Overall (including Guard) 12-1/2”
Machine Weight 39 lbs
Stroke 5 - 7/16"
Magnet Size Length: 7 - 7/8" x Width 3 - 55/64"
Safety Features Cutsmart™ Technology / Fixed Guard / Magnetic Detection / Secondary Motor Protection
Vibration total values (triax vector sum) in accordance with EN61029-1: Vibration emission value (ah):3.562m/s2
Level of sound pressure in accordance with EN61029-1: Sound pressure(LpA): 87.0 dB(A)
Acoustic power(LwA): 100.0 dB(A)

Ear and eye defenders must be worn when operating this machine. Wear gloves to protect hands when operating the machine.

The declared vibration total value has been measured in accordance with a standard test method and may be used for comparing one tool with another.

The declared vibration total value may also be used in a preliminary assessment of exposure.

The vibration emission during actual use of the power tool can differ from the declared total value depending on the ways in which the tool is used;

The need to identify safety measures to protect the operator that are based on an estimation of exposure in the actual conditions of use (taking account of all parts of the operating cycle such as the time and when the tool is switched off and when it is running idle in addition to the trigger time).

These tools are UK designed and manufactured with globally sourced components and conform to the requirements of EEC Document HD.400.1 and BS.2769/84

Suitable only for a single phase 50-60Hz A.C. power supply


Do not use your magnetic drill on the same structure when arc welding is in progress.
D.C. current will earth back through the magnet and cause irreparable damage.



  • Dual carrying handles for enhanced operating manoeuvrability 
  • Reversible handles for use in restrictive conditions 
  • Improved high density magnet for maximum adhesion 
  • Corrosive resistant, tangle-free cable from stand to drill unit 
  • Isolating power relay for improved handling safety 
  • Control panel situated conveniently on the same side as the traverse handles 
  • Free protective carrying case complete with safety strap, cutting fluid, safety guard and folding hex key set

Please click the button below to download the user's manual.

Powerbor 50 Pivot Magnet Operators Manual