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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England

Powerbor® Electromagnetic Drilling Systems

NEW Powerbor PB50
Pivot Magnet
NEW Powerbor PB50
Low Profile

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  • <span>PB35</span> PB35 The Powerbor® PB35 is the basic version of the PB35 FRV. It has excellent power to weight ratio, with optimum cutting and drilling capability for bot... more details
  • <span>PB35FRV</span> PB35FRV The Powerbor® PB35 FRV has excellent power to weight ratio, and forward, reverse and variable speed brings a choice of tapping, cutting and drillin... more details
  • <span>PB450</span> PB450 The cutting capacity to weight ratio of the Powerbor® PB450 complements the PB320 but adds more cutting power The relatively light overall weight of ... more details
  • <span>PB50 Pivot Magnet</span> PB50 Pivot Magnet The new Powerbor PB50 Pivot Magnet is our latest machine, with the potential to transform how you work on site. This powerful magnetic drill is specif... more details
  • <span>PB50 Low Profile</span> PB50 Low Profile The new Powerbor PB50 Low Profile is our latest machine, with the potential to transform how you work on site. Small in height, with powerful motor an... more details
  • <span>PBC700 CombiPlus</span> PBC700 CombiPlus The Powerbor® PBC700 CombiPlus has been carefully designed to guarantee enhanced power and versatility. A proven, powerful performer and still portab... more details
  • <span>PB700/2</span> PB700/2 The Powerbor® PB700/2 is a workhorse that brings all the drilling capacity of the PBC700 Combi to applications that do not require the full range of ... more details
  • <span>PB1000E</span> PB1000E The Powerbor® PB1000E is a more powerful machine with total power of 1795W. The low spindle speed of 110rpm can be very useful on large cutter/diffic... more details