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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England

Powerbor® Accessories

  • Weldon Shank Arbors Weldon Shank Arbors We have a large range of Weldon shank arbors to fit into our machines. All machines are supplied with the standard arbor for that particular machine b... more details
  • Drill Chucks Drill Chucks We stock a large range of quality Drill Chucks and Morse Taper arbors which can also be used in Powerbor® machines. These allow the machines to us... more details
  • Morse Taper Arbors and Sleeves Morse Taper Arbors and Sleeves To compliment the Drill Chucks we also have a range of Morse Taper arbors and Sleeves. Arbors are MT2/MT3. Sleeves are MT1-2, MT2-3, MT3-4.... more details
  • Drifts and Keys Drifts and Keys Spare chuck keys and drill drifts are available as spares accessories... more details
  • Chuck Adaptors Chuck Adaptors We have a range of various adaptors for use with Powerbor® machines and cutters. The 3/4\" Weldon to 1/2\" x 20 UN Chuck adaptor allows a 1/2\" x 2... more details
  • Extension Arbors Extension Arbors Arbor Extensions are used to extend the reach of the magnetic drilling machine. This allows a machine to cut through say a box section where the mater... more details
  • Step Drills Step Drills This innovative step drill has been designed for use with our popular range of Powerbor® Electromagnetic drilling machines. The unique design of t... more details
  • Drill Taps Drill Taps This is the complete drill/tap solution, ranging from 1/4" to 1". The Powerbor® Drill/Tap delivers great time and efficiency savings when compared... more details
  • Ejector Pins Ejector Pins Ejector and Pilot Pins for cuts 1" to 4" in depth... more details
  • Additional Accessories Additional Accessories Pipe Clamp Attachment With the pipe clamp attachment the magnetic drill can be mounted on round objects such as pipes, columns, etc. The pipe does no... more details